How the Online Gambling Began – Abridged History

How the Online Gambling Began – Abridged History 

As current fight with pandemic makes everyone shun person to person contact, online entertainment is coming to rise. Even for gambling side, with advancement of technology and faster internet, online gambling industry grew generating billions of dollars in profit. In US alone, on 2018 estimated profit was 56 billion dollars. 

So wondering how internet gambling began? Here is a quick rundown of its history. 

The first online 파워볼사이트 casino namely InterCasino emerged and went live in 1994 after Antigua and Barbuda approved Free Trade & Processing Act. This allowed organizations to open online casinos. 

In 1995 an online security software company named CryptoLogic develops safer ways to transact money online. With more secured online finance transactions came more games, when Microgaming company launches games like video poker, blackjack and others. 

In 1996 a commission called Kahnawake Gaming Commission was established which managed online 파워볼사이트 game activities of its territory but also issued licenses to online casinos around the world. Late 1990s saw popularity of online gambling. As time progressed the industry grew with participants estimated to be 8 million by 2001. 

On legality issues, in some part of Canada and some states of USA online gambling is legal. UK and several European Union countries legalized online gambling including Italy, Spain, France, Malta, Netherland, Germany etc., while in Asia only few like Japan and Philippines. China, Thailand, Singapore and Macao only partially allow it. 

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