DailyROI game has ended because DailyROI's smart contract balance is drained out. Therefore, you cannot withdraw your dividends anymore. If you read our game instruction, you will know this scenario: the contract will pay you your dividends as long as it still has TRX. Check out our P3T Play and our Telegram group for more Games.

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Your investments
Enter investments amount
Your referral rewards
Your dividends (include referral rewards)
Dividends updates every minute. You can withdraw them even every minute. Minimum deposit is 1 TRX.
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5% is affiliate reward. You need to invest at least 1 TRX in Daily ROI in order to activate the referral link.
How it works
Every 24 hours smart contract will add 3.33% of your deposit to your balance as dividends.

That means you will get 3.33% of your investments each 24 hours. Moreover, this will continue forever (while contract has TRX). For example in 30 days contract will return 100% of your first deposit.

Withdraw your dividends anytime

Just click "Withdraw" button above and claim your dividends. Dividends updates every minute. You can withdraw them even every minute.

What a minimum deposit amount?

Minimum deposit is 1 TRX. You can add investments anytime. If you reinvesting, contract will pay you unclaimed dividends first!


You will lost your funds. Do not use exchanges. Use only your own personal wallet!

5% - dev comission, 10% - P3T Token owners, 5% - affiliate reward (if any)

Actually, nothing! Smart contract will be safe with all the balance. And it will continue to pay you every day. It works independent from anyone or anything.